Beating Endo – The missing link between Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain with Amy Stein DPT

Welcome to Not Defined by Endo Podcast, Season 1 – Episode 4.

What exactly is an ILU Massage? Why is pelvic health the missing link between Endometriosis and Pelvic Pain? Today’s episode is with Amy Stein DPT. Amy is a Doctor of Physical Therapy, a leading expert on the treatment of pelvic floor dysfunction, pelvic pain, women’s health and functional therapy for men, women and children. She is the founder of Beyond Basics Physical Therapy in NYC. Amy is the author of  the award winning book, ‘Heal Pelvic Pain’, an easy-read self-help book and she created a video, ‘Healing Pelvic and Abdominal Pain: The ultimate home program for patients and a guide for practitioners’. She also co-wrote the book, ‘Beating Endo’ with Dr Iris Orbuch, where she explains the impact of endo on our pelvic health.Amy serves as the president of the International Pelvic Pain Society, is featured in the Endo What? documentary, and is one of the founders of the Alliance for Pelvic Pain, a patient-oriented educational retreat.

Amy has an undeniable passion for helping women (and men) heal their pain and I am excited to be speaking to her today! If you want to reach Amy, please visit her website You can also call the number on the website. Also make sure to buy her book, Beating Endo, which she co-authored with Dr Iris Orbuch. You can get it on or and also on Amazon. If you enjoyed this episode, I would love to know. Join me on Instagram and Facebook. You can also join our community on Health Unlocked and ask any questions or share your stories.Don’t forget to share, rate and subscribe to this podcast. Till next time, remember, you are not defined by endo! 

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