Find Accredited Endometriosis Centres

Endometriosis is still a poorly understood and poorly diagnosed disease, and because many of its symptoms are similar to other diseases such as Irritable Bowel Syndrome, diagnosis times on average are up to 7.5 years.

Below is a list of Accredited Endometriosis Centres in the UK. These Centres are accredited by the BSGE (British Society for Gyneacological Endoscopy). Find one close to you, and request to be referred by your GP.

UK Endometriosis Centres

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Aberdeen Royal Infirmary: 57.154500, -2.135110
Barts and The Royal London Endometriosis Centre: 51.518400, -0.058097
Birmingham Endometriosis Centre: 52.487200, -1.891300
Castle Hill Endometriosis Centre: 52.502400, -0.755400
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Aberdeen Royal Infirmary
Centre: Aberdeen Royal Infirmary

Address: Ward 308 & 309, Orange Zone, Forresterhill, Aberdeen, Aberdeen City, United Kingdom, AB25 2ZN
T: 01224 553 471

Gynaecologists: Dr Lucky Saraswat and Mr Kevin G Cooper

Endometriosis Specialist Nurse: Ms Shona Davidson

Colorectal surgeon: Mr Craig Paranaby and Mr Norman Binnie

Urologist: Ms Justine Royle

Pain management specialist: Dr Saravanakumar Kanakarajan

Data Manager: June Booth

Foresterhill Scotland, United Kingdom
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Barts and The Royal London Endometriosis Centre
Centre: Barts and The Royal London Endometriosis Centre

Address: The Royal London Hospital, Whitechapel, London, Greater London, United Kingdom, E1 1AA
T: 0207 377 7000

Gynaecologists: Dr Elizabeth Ball

Endometriosis Specialist Nurse: Ms Zwelihle Magama

Colorectal surgeon: Mr Shafi Ahmed

Urologist: Mr Paul Cathcart

Pain management specialist: Dr Jayne Gallagher

Milward Street England, United Kingdom
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Birmingham Endometriosis Centre
Centre: Birmingham Endometriosis Centre

Address: Birmingham Women's Hospital, Metchley Park Road, Birmingham, West Midlands, United Kingdom, B15 2SY
T: E:


Gynaecologists: Mr Yousri Afifi

Endometriosis Specialist Nurse: Helen Walshe

Colorectal surgeon: Mr N Suggett

Urologist: Mr Mohammed Belal

Pain management specialist: Dr Abdul Nazal

Data Manager: Dr Mark Chadwick

A38 England, United Kingdom
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Castle Hill Endometriosis Centre
Centre: Castle Hill Endometriosis Centre

Address: Castle Road, Cottingham, Cottingham, East Riding of Yorkshire, United Kingdom, HU16 5JG
T: 01482 624 259 W:


Mr Kevin Phillips and Ms Jane Allen

Endometriosis Specialist Nurse:

Tamara Wilson

Colorectal surgeon:

Professor Graham Duttie


Mr Andy Myatt

Pain management specialist:

Dr Brian Culbert

Cottingham England, United Kingdom

Photo by Nick Fewings on Unsplash

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