Using Nutrition to fight Endometriosis with Kristy Dishmon (NTP)

Welcome to Not Defined by Endo Podcast, Season 1 – Episode 7.

This week’s episode is all about nutrition and how we can use it as a tool to fight endometriosis. Eating right is one of the hardest things to do in life, period! Whether you have endometriosis or not. So we are catching up with lovely Kristy Dishmon, a Nutritional Therapist, who will be dishing out lots of advice on the power of nutrition, how to read food ingredient labels, how to begin to choose the right foods when you have a chronic illness and more.

For more information about Kristy and the services she provides, visit, where there are lots of resources and guides that you can download and learn more about nutrition. For our wonderful listeners today, Kristy has provided a fantastic freebie, The Spoonie Food Journal Challenge. It is part food journal, part health challenge, and a how-to-guide all in one. It shows us how food can affect the body, but it also tracks emotions, sleep and cycle information. This guide is the perfect tool to have in your tool box if you aren’t ready to work with a nutritionist one on one.

To get this free gift, visit You can also email Kristy at and find her on Instagram @endo.foodie. Don’t forget to share, rate and subscribe to this podcast. Till next time, remember, you are not defined by endo!

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